Bainbridge Man Wins Mega Millions

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"I just froze. I says uh...I says man I believe I won the lottery and he stuck it in the machine and he says man you did." The words of Ben Chason as he discovers he is a new millionaire.

Chason, a maintenance man and career home improver, can now choose to make improvements to his own lifestyle. This after winning the mega millions lottery in Georgia.

Mike Patel, the person who sold the winning ticket reflects on Chason saying; "Mr. Ben has always been a very good customer. I sold him this winning ticket of 163 million."

Anand Patel, a Bainbridge resident was concerned the winner may not have been from Bainbridge. Patel adds "I heard the rumor that somebody from the bike fest won the ticket. I was so upset. I hope somebody from Bainbridge locally win that money."

Chason opted for the lump sum payout of nearly ninety six million before taxes. Twenty five thousand of those winnings are going to Stop n Buy Petro. A store which has a history of producing lottery winners and showcases signs of a thousand dollar scratch off winner and the new mega millionaire.

"Instead of one now we're going to have two banners hanging and you just can't imagine how excited we are and we just can't get over this excitement," says Peter Patel, store owner.

As for the store, they plan to make small renovations. Chason says its time to kick back and enjoy retirement.

Thirteen other players came within one number of sharing the jackpot with Chason. Each one of them won two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.