North Florida Judge Reprimanded by State Supreme Court

The state's highest court reprimanded a circuit judge from north Florida for a litany of complaints, everything from fixing cases in child dependency hearings to jailing a woman because she couldn’t remember her address.

Judge Richard Albritton of Panama City was accused of 36 separate violations of judicial conduct and he stood silently before the Florida Supreme Court as Chief Justice Fred Lewis delivered the reprimand.

Chief Justice Lewis read, “The behavior that we must address today has cast a shadow of doubt over all of us with regard to impartiality. Your temperament is also unacceptable. Judges must be patient, dignified and courteous to all. Your behavior towards parties before you has fallen short."

Along with the reprimand, Judge Albritton was suspended without pay for 30 days and charged a total of more than $6,000 for fines and court costs.