Convicted Cop Killer Hill Set for Execution in Florida Again

Hill was just moments away from death by lethal injection last winter when the U.S. Supreme Court granted Hill’s appeal on the grounds the three-drug combo Florida uses in lethal injections is cruel and unusual punishment.

Gov. Jeb Bush rescheduled the execution for this Wednesday, even though the case has not yet made its way through the appeals process again.

“Mr. Hill has had ample time to go through the process to the point where at least I believe there is a mockery made of the judicial system," said Gov. Jeb Bush. "There’s a point past which you really need to move on.”

Just this week, a special panel appointed by the American Bar Association issued a report saying Florida’s death penalty system is plagued with problems. The panel concluded defendants are more likely to get the death penalty for killing a white person, among other disparities.

At 22, Florida has released more inmates from death row than any other state in the country.