Proposed Ban Could Mean No More Mixing Alcohol With Strip Clubs in Valdosta

By Ben Wolf
Tuesday, August 19, 2006

Nightclub owner Bob Hooks claims his nightspot in Valdosta is like any other. Well, sort of.

"We're just a bar like any other bar in town. We're just a regular bar, but again our entertainment is female dancers."

But a ban on booze may dampen Bob's spirits, a ban Valdosta city council members plan to vote on Thursday. If the city council votes yes on the ban, that means this establishment will have to throw out the booze by December 31, 2007.

Constituents aren't helping the city council make a decision. Opinions are all over the map.

"When we go to strip clubs, when others go to strip clubs I think they use alcohol as a way to have fun. They go in take a sip and relax," said Brandy Mooring.

"I think things can get out of hand. You got a drunk in there, then you got a naked woman sitting there. He may try things he wasn't when he was sober," said Quentin Ludington.

Hooks says that kind of thinking is ludicrous.

"In nine years five people have been arrested, five people! There's no criminal activity going on here."

In addition to banning alcohol, the proposed ordinance would prohibit adult entertainment venues from developing within 1,000 feet of residential areas, parks and churches.

Valdosta's city manager says the city's metropolitan status and close proximity to the interstate are a big draw for adult entertainment establishments.