Report Shows Florida and Georgia Behind in College Preparation

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A new report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education suggests Florida and Georgia are not making the mark when it comes to college affordability and participation.

In the category of preparation for college, Florida and Georgia both receive
'C' grades.

In college participation, Florida received a 'C' while Georgia received a 'D.'

In college affordability, both states earned an 'F.'

"I do not like school grades. I don't like things telling us that we are an 'F.' On the other hand, I do like looking at things that tell us how we can improve. Certainly we all need to be concerned with what we are doing good and what we need to do better," said Teri Gimbel, a Lincoln High School guidance counselor.

On a lighter note, both states received an 'A' grade for the rate of students completing certificates and degrees.