CSI Georgia

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Roxanna Haynes
5:50 pm September 19, 2006

Its name may remind you of a popular TV show, but CSI Georgia is a new initiative that will focus on fighting Internet crimes against children.

The CSI stands for Child Safety Initiative, and parents say it's about time.

Robin Mack, a concerned parent, said, "It's something so serious children are dying, you know. They're being raped they're being assaulted."

CSI Georgia will cost the state about $900,000. Local law officials feel it's money well spent. Right now they only have part-time law enforcement handling these crimes, but with the extra funding they believe they'll have the full-time staff they need.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk said, "With this being available they'll probably work after hours, even because it's a situation that needs to be addressed.

And with CSI focusing on undercover work, many parents say it makes them feel a bit safer.

Mark Fitzgibbons, a concerned parent, said, "They should, for the lack of a better way, be teen girls online. Teens are very open, and social things like myspace bother me."

Mack added, "I have a child myself and he's going to one day grow up and going to be on the Internet, and I want to make sure that he's safe from predators and such."

Gov. Perdue says CSI will also double the number of computer specialists focusing on catching sexual predators.

Right now there are four full-time special agents who work on child Internet sex crimes. With the CSI proposal that number would increase to 12.