Pit Bull Attacks

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Two of the attacks took place on the same day, on the same street, just 15 minutes apart. Now one of the three victims says he wants the city to outlaw pit bull dogs.

It’s usually a puppy friendly neighborhood, but lately residents are staying indoors, saying this is more like a war zone where any day they could be in a battle with a pit bull.

Benson Castaline said he and his dog were attacked by pit bulls.

"I'm afraid to go back out in the road again."

Castaline said back in May he was walking his dog when a pit bull came after it, knocking him down in the process and leaving him with a scar. Then this past Sunday, police reports show there were two more attacks in the same neighborhood.

One left a dog with a $500 surgery bill.

Jeff Doyle, Animal Control Superintendent, said, "A pit bull had attacked a Miniature Schnauzer that was being walked by its owner. Within 15 minutes or so there was a second attack on a lady that was walking her two Dachshunds."

Castaline said he's fed up. He wants the city to outlaw pit bulls.

Castaline said, "I wanna get rid of these pit bull dogs in this town. Dade County had an ordinance that you cannot own a pit bull without a million dollar insurance policy. Well, something ought to be done about it."

But animal control experts say a ban isn't the answer.

Doyle said, "When pit bulls are no longer available to them they go out and get other dogs that are potentially more dangerous."

The pit bull has been put to sleep at the request of its owner. Neighbors say the owner may face a $1,000 fine because of the attacks.