Lawyers Group Debuts Ad Attacking Bush on Malpractice Reform

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A trial attorneys' lobbying group has debuted a television advertisement that equates insurance companies' claims of a crisis with the lies of Big Tobacco.

"Big Insurance,'' was produced by Floridians for Patient Protection. The ad makes hay of recent sworn testimony by representatives of the insurance industry, the medical field and health care officials. Those groups say rising insurance premiums and frivolous lawsuits are driving doctors out of Florida and jeopardizing patients' health.

But under grilling by the Senate last month, witnesses couldn't prove those claims.

The ad says, "Remember when big tobacco lied? In Florida, big insurance was playing the same game.'' It will run for two days on network affiliates in major cities all over the state.

Insurance industry representatives haven't commented yet.

Doctors are insisting today that there is a devastating crisis looming on the horizon. And the state's biggest physicians group say they have one thousand sworn affidavits to prove it.