The Struggles of Learning English

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We can all remember sitting in English class not knowing the meaning of a prepositional phrase or an adjective phrase, but imagine how much harder it would have been being the only student in your class not able to read the words that make up those phrases.

Schools offer ESOL classes, English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Children come to this country every day, leaving schools where they excelled in class and made top grades to now sit in classrooms learning the basics of the English language so they can understand their other subjects.

Pratik Patel is from India and said with the ESOL class the English language is getting easier.

He said, "I like ESOL class because it's fun, you've got to practice talking, writing, and now we're learning present tense words, so I like that class."
Alejandra Perez has been in America for more than two years and says she had a rough time learning English at first, but now she's amazed teachers and herself by becoming runner-up in a statewide essay writing contest.

She said, "I didn't know I could win a writing contest like that, but I was happy."

The theme of her essay encouraged Latinos to stay in school no matter what, which is what these students will tell you is a common goal for all those coming to the United States to pursue the American dream.

Jackie Rose is the only ESOL teacher in Thomas County. Every day she goes from school to school teaching the English language.