Trans Fat a No-No In New York

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TALLAHASSEE---A simple drive across town will tempt you to stop at one of the dozens of fast food restaurants for a quick and cheap meal. However, health officials point to trans fat rich meals offered by these businesses as cheap in the short run but taxing later in life.

Leon County Health Administrator Holly Kirsch says, "It increases your LDL cholesterol which is the type of cholesterol that will raise coronary heart disease, your strokes, blocking of your arteries."

Trans fats are hydrogated oils and fats that change the fatty acid bond structure. The increase in health awareness in recent years has led to products labeled for their low trans fat content. In restaurants, trans fats are often found in preservatives.

Tallahassee restauranteur Andrew Reiss says, "Mostly this is an issue that has to do with preserved foods, we bake everything from scratch."

Reiss adds that restaurant owners should hold some responsibility for what they feed their customers... and the public debates whether the the government should play a role in food regulation.

The Florida Association of Restaurants and Lodges plans to discuss the topic of trans fat regulations in later meetings.