Recent String of School Shootings Causes Parents to Scare

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Three schools in Lakeland, Florida were on lockdown as police searched for a gunman that shot and killed a deputy.
Farther west, a shooter held students hostage in Colorado. Now the latest incident, a former student shoots a principal. All of these situations happened on or around school grounds.
"Right now the situation is bad about these kids and stuff going on properties pulling these weapons out, they should have more protected school grounds", said Rodgeous Parker, parent.
Tallahassee's Gilchrist principal said he's confident in his school's emergency planning, practicing lockdown drills monthly.
"Our drills are always something we want to continue, and where we see we need to modify or change what we do as we can, but we always want to make sure we are prepared as it can be at any given time", said Scotty Crowe, principal at Gilchrist Elementary.
The Gilchrist staff is familiar with lockdowns. Just last year, a robber on the loose forced all doors shut and locked.
The incident ended quietly, calming parent's fears.
"It helps me feel a little more comfortable here because I know they have a good principal here and I know he will look out for all of them", said Parker.
Teachers said it's important to educate students without scaring them.
"We practice with them monthly, let our kids know if there was an emergency that we are prepared and they'll be okay", said Donna Simms, a teacher.
Leon County school officials say these safety measures have been in place since the Columbine massacre, and thus far have proven successful.