Kappa Hazing Trial, Day 3

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Alleged hazing victim Marcus Jones testified. Testimony will continue on Monday, October 9th.

The six-foot, 20-year-old with a slim build and long braids entered the courtroom quickly. He offered testimony about the events leading up to the alleged hazing, which involved initiates being canned and punched in the face over the course of three or four days at different locations.

As Jones gave the court an example of how the alleged canning was applied, he recalls hazing activities taking place from Thursday, February 23rd through Monday February 27th. However, he says after that Monday night at an abandoned warehouse, he'd had enough.

"How about Cory Gray, did you see him striking them?" asked Prosecutor Frank Allman.

"Yes!" responded Jones.

"How about Marcus Hughes?"


"How about Michael Morton?"


Jones was later cross examined by Defense Attorney Richard Alan who called into question Jones' ability to recognize the five defendants. He did this through a sight test.

Jones was also questioned by Defense Attorney Chuck Hobbs. The issue was whether defendants warned initiates about going to the authorities.

"So, you have no testimony to provide whether any of these individuals had told you ‘don't say anything to the investigators’?" asked Hobbs.

"I can't say that," replied Jones.

Because of various scheduling issues, proceedings will continue on Monday, October 9th.