Alleged Hazing Victim Testifies

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Marcus Jones gave testimony about what happened to him and other pledges at an abandoned warehouse. Jones was showing jurors the protocol line members were following before Kappa members struck him. Then, Jones described how the initiates were hit.

"Like six Kappas just go back to back to back, and they weren't going in sets of threes, like, they were going in sets of six. So like, I'm just up there for, until they tell me to sit down, and then when they tell me to sit down they told me to bounce on my butt so it won't get swollen," described Jones.

Next witness Melvin Hitchens was telling jurors he could not identify the Kappa members who did the hitting. The prosecution then made reference to Hitchens’ interrogation tape, and suddenly his story changed.

Defense Attorney Richard Alan disputed Hitchens’ change of story, saying Detective Brice Google and Assistant State Attorney Neil Wade, the persons conducting the interrogation, spoke to Hitchens in a demeaning manner, allegations Det. Google denies.

"I may have used the term dumb or I may have told them they were foolish with the decisions they were making. Making a term derogatory towards them, I did not," said Det. Google.

Alan later insinuated the case was a cover-up by high ranking Kappa members.

Jones' mother also testified, describing Jones' pants as bloodied and his walk slow. Jones' mother says she soaked Jones' pants in a bucket to try to remove the stains.

The trial is set to continue on October 9.