Dogs Making Good Citizens

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When you hear the words "good citizen," most likely you think of a human being, but not in this case. Local residents brought their dogs to Tallahassee's Tom Brown Park to get their canine good citizen certification at Responsible Dog Ownership Day.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day was Saturday, September 30 from 11am to 4pm, and followed a recent string of pit bull attacks. It was hoping to train more dogs and make the community a safer place.

The test was broken down to teach pups about obedience, walking through crowds, and approaching strangers.

Residents are pleased with the program and hope more people come and get their dogs certified.

"People realized not all dogs are bad dogs, and if you train your dog properly all dogs are really great," said Yvonne Sasse, a dog owner.

The event was also informing residents about Invisible Fence®, adoption, and how to prepare your pet for a disaster.

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