Tallahassee's Tax Day Tea Party

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April 15th... the annual deadline for filing your taxes.
It can be a painful day... not only in trying to figure out what you owe... but in paying that amount.
And today people around the country showed up at Tax Day Tea Parties to protest against high taxes and government excesses. In Tallahassee, people chose to protest in front of the historic Capitol.
About 15-hundred took to the streets and a page from history... protesting against high taxes and big government.
And in their frustration they vented their grievances in American tradition of free speech.
"We ought to be able to keep what we earn. Our family has to get by with less and less. The federal, state and local government should do the same as well," explains Broderick Vaughn, a Tallahassee resident who doesn't want the Performing Arts Center to be built because he says it will cost the taxpayers too much.
And Nick Providakis also lives in Tallahassee and says, "This is about the right of every American of rich or poor to decide how they want to spend the money that they have earned."
But not everybody was working off the same page in American history.
Kimberly Henry was challenged on some of her views even though many of her concerns mirrored those all around her.
She said one sign did break her heart though.
"And it said I'm not your ATM and it was a white hand giving a black hand money," says Henry, who is African American and visibly upset about the racial undertone in the sign.
But others felt so comfortable with the issues they dressed the part.
Thomas Wilson dressed as a black Benjamin Franklin says, "I do believe that individual responsibility is the golden goose. Hard work, freedom, individual responsibility."
Even those a bit too young to worry about taxes showed up with a message concerned about the future economy as they held signs asking the government to stop taking from their piggy banks.
Tax Day Tea Parties happened in 50 cities across Florida and 20 cities in Georgia.
In our area, protesters also took to the streets in Live Oak and Madison.

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