Medical Minute: Healing Chronic Pain

Fifty million Americans suffer from chronic pain, but about half don't benefit from standard treatment. That's why doctors are searching for other ways to stop the ache.

Yoga is one proven method. In a UCLA study, patients with chronic pain reduced their meds and felt better after four weeks.

University of Iowa researchers are using hypnosis to ease pain. research shows the technique may actually change the way the brain processes pain.

Sebastian Schulz- Stubner, MD, said, "Hypnosis is effective probably in the range 65 to 70 percent."

Dr. Scott Brady says stress can overload the body and make pain worse. His program has patients journal, meditate and exercise.

Scott Brady, MD, Founder Brady Institute for Health, said, "I was skeptical. All my patients are skeptical. There's hope. Give it a try; you're going to get better."

He says there are five pain prone personalities. The perfectionist has something to prove. The people- pleaser worries about being accepted. The legalist has to be right.

The stoic holds back real feelings, and the fear-prone expects the worst. Anna Kercher went from barely able to get out of bed to riding her jet ski with her family after completing the program.

Anna Kercher, a pain sufferer, said, "It's just given me answers, and it's given me hope."

Hope for a pain-free life.