Postal Carrier Tests His Knowledge on Jeopardy

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Postal carrier Jim McMurtry finishes his route, goes home to his family and watches his favorite show, Jeopardy. It's what he's done for most of his life.

Watching the game show Friday night though was much different. He was actually a contestant on it.

"I've always watched Jeopardy since I was a little kid. My mom, she's 86 years old and she's been telling me all my life, ‘you oughta be on that show,’ so I said, well, I'll show her," he said laughing.

Instead of watching in his living room this time, McMurtry is watching with his co-workers at Buffalo Wildwings. Postal worker James Brown says the excitement has been building all week.

"We're just so proud that one of our own employees, Jim McMurtry, went all the way to California to be on the Jeopardy show. I am so proud and thrilled that he works with me and now I know somebody famous on TV," he said giggling.

McMurtry says it's a surreal experience, but can't tell us the ending just yet. What we do know is he's never been so anxious for a piece of mail to arrive, an envelope with a very large check.

McMurtry and his cash winnings of $21,601 will return on Monday.