Vietnam Wall Memorial Packs Up

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Sunday, veterans had the chance to say good-bye as the traveling wall departed. The last few names are read aloud. Now the wall must come down.

"It touches my heart. I am glad it finally made it to Tallahassee," said Chuck Royce, a Vietnam veteran.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall is touring the nation for Americans to remember, reflect and heal.

"I thank God for all the men and woman that given me these freedoms," said Mariam Curving, who lost her son-in-laws to war.

The memorial is a sobering reminder of all the lives lost during the Vietnam War.

"I feel reverence for these people who so willingly gave their lives, and they didn't really know why. I don't think they really knew why," said Richard Lear, who lost friends in War.

The 240-foot-long wall travels in and out of cities across the nation, but veterans say the names on the wall will always hold a place in their hearts.

"This is a piece of our hearts on this wall. Every time we see it, the names these people, it's always the same ones that are on the there, the main purpose, the main final issue is that we have to impress people’s hearts," said Royce.

The closing ceremony ended a weekend of events honoring the courage and sacrifices these men and woman gave to our nation. The traveling wall will visit 20 different cities across the Untied States. Tallahassee is the 15th stop on the tour. The wall will now move on to Brandon, Florida.