Mysterious Springs Changes in Wakulla County

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Residents here say this is a sight they've never seen, Spring Creek at a standstill.

Johnny Greene, a Wakulla County resident, said, "The other day I came down here there was logs and everything just swirling round and round sucking water in, but right now it's not boiling."

They're used to watching bubbles of water gush out of the spring. Lately they say the fresh water is gone and salt water is taking over, and as evidence they point to oysters growing on the side of the wall.

The Spears family says it's been here for generations and it's never seen anything like this.

Ed Brimner, Wakulla County Commissioner, said, "No one knows what has caused Spring Creek's flow to change as dramatically as it has changed in the last couple months. We're all baffled by that change and wish we knew the answer."

Rumors are flying and some residents are blaming everything from a recent earthquake off the coast to Hurricane Dennis. Some residents say they noticed a huge spike in the Wakulla River around the same time Spring Creek diminished its flow.

We checked with the Geological Survey showing there was a huge rise in flow at Wakulla River, but scientists say it's due to heavy rainfall at that time, not a backflow from Spring Creek.

Scientists say it will take a lot of research to unravel the mystery behind what's happening to Wakulla County's springs.

USGS hopes to install a flow meter at Spring Creek, as well as Lost Creek, for clues as to what's happening with the springs.