Twelve-Year-Old Fire Hero

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Only four people were home at the time. Not only did the young girl help to evacuate them, she performed CPR on her little brother who'd been overcome by smoke.

The 12-year-old does not consider herself a hero. As a matter of fact, she was surprised by her actions. Marranda Thomas and her 12-year-old daughter Alfreda Gunn are still in disbelief after losing their home in a fire Sunday afternoon.

Thomas says she was in a dead sleep as flames swept through their two-bedroom trailer, trapping her four-year-old son Norman underneath the bed.

Twelve-year-old Alfreda tried unsuccessfully to wake her mother up, and by the time she reached her little brother he was unconscious.

Alfreda Gunn said, "I found him, did CPR right up in here and I took him outside. That's when I got my momma and we all went outside"

Marranda considers her daughter her hero for saving the entire family of seven who lived in that home.

Marranda Thomas said, "I'm just proud of my daughter because if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be here today, her and God."

Within minutes the house was engulfed in flames. The family ran out with the clothes on their backs. Thirty minutes later the house was totally destroyed.

The family was not able to salvage any of its possessions, but the greatest gift they have is their lives that were saved because of a quick thinking 12-year-old girl.

Marranda Thomas said, "It's devastating, this is my mom's place and it's just hard to see this knowing we could have been in there."

The Red Cross is helping the family at this time. They're staying at a hotel in Quincy. The fire is still under investigation.