A Mother Is Attacked While in Her Own Car

A trip to a friend’s home tuned violent Monday night for one Tallahassee woman.

Tallahassee police say around 11 o'clock Monday night a 29- year-old woman and her two-year-old daughter were backing out of a friend’s driveway on 1109 Bennett Street when three men surrounded the car.

Officials say one suspect punched in the front passenger side window and the woman sped off. Shots were fired at the vehicle, but no one was injured.

During a routine traffic stop police attempted to pull over a gold Ford Taurus when six men ran out of the car. A gun was found in the car.

Three of the six men were caught coming out of the woods on Springhill and Orange Avenue. One of three men has an injury to his hand.

Police believe the injury is from punching the car window.