Jail Escape

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Tuesday, 10/24/06

Residents in Jefferson County are breathing a sigh of relief after an escaped inmate is caught.

Fifty-one-year-old Sam Williams is behind bars again. Deputies say Monday night the Jefferson County inmate made a run for it. They say he crawled through an air conditioning duct, tied sheets together and escaped from the jail's second story.

Once on the ground, he easily made his exit through the barbed wire fence. The sheriff said an outsider had tampered with the wires, helping to make Williams' escape quick and quiet, but maybe not so clever.

A jail guard spotted the hanging sheet rope, prompting a massive manhunt by land and air.

Lathern Tucker, who lived near the search area, stated, "I don't want to make a threat on TV, but he better not come near my house."

The Tuckers live near the high school. At one point Williams was spotted running right by it.

Danielle Tucker said, "This is a very quiet neighborhood and I've got two kids inside and I'm scared to death. I got a four-year-old and a two-month-old and I don't need this kind of stuff."

Then a few miles away another neighbor spotted Williams on a dirt road and called 911. Within minutes Williams was taken into custody, and with charges pending in Jacksonville, Williams now has another charge to add to his rap sheet, which is escaping jail, a charge that puts him right back where he started.

Escaping jail is considered a second degree felony, carrying a minimum 15-year sentence.