Abandoned Pets and Cold Weather

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The cold weather has set in, at least for now, and animal advocacy groups want you to remember your pets when preparing for old man winter.

This after two laundry baskets filled with animals are dumped off at a local animal service center. This morning Animal Control officers discovered a dog and a cat stuffed into laundry baskets and left outside the Tallahassee Leon County Animal Service Center.

The animals survived the night outside in 30 degree temperatures. With barely enough room to sit, the dog was caged in one basket while the black cat was left in another.

Unwanted or lost pets can be dropped off in these kennels that have access indoors. Each morning shelter workers say they are full of abandoned pets.

With cold weather setting in Animal Control officers remind pet owners to take care of their animals and make sure they are protected from the elements.

Any donations are welcomed. The shelter especially needs canned kitten and puppy food, dry dog and cat food, kitten and puppy infant formula, new or used bath towels, bath mats, wash cloths and blankets.