Local High School Gets Big Donation

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Mason Fennelly is a senior at Thomasville High School and a part of the medial production class, which is about to get more intense with the donation of five Sony DVD cameras.

Fennelly said, "I'm really excited ‘cause I've been in the TV program all four years of high school and we've really needed equipment like this, and it's great that we have that now."

The donation comes from the Independent Film Channel and Mediacom Communications. Schools from across the country entered the grant competition, but only six were chosen.

Regional Vice President of Mediacom Communications Donald Zagorsky said, "Thomasville High School was one of a number of high schools we selected and sent to the Independent Film Channel for review, and they selected this school because of the need.”

Fennelly also said, "It used to be we didn't have enough cameras and people would be waiting around to use the one camera. Now we have a bunch, and people are going to be doing more stuff."

Along with the cameras the Independent Film Channel is offering a curriculum teachers can download off the Internet, teaching students the basics of directing, acting, script writing, and everything that goes along with film making.

Students will even be able to interact with other blossoming filmmakers around the country, giving students the chance to explore the many careers in the world of film.

Teachers at Thomasville High School plan to use the film making as part of English classes as well, giving students the chance to bring literature to life by putting it on film.