Schools Celebrate Drug-Free Week

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Students are sporting red ribbons with pride, saying drug-free is the way to be.

Chris Barkbe, a freshman at Lincoln High School, said, "I'm going to stay drug-free. I don't know about all of the other people at school, but I know I will."

Students at Lincoln High School are given red ribbons, and on the back of them is a number. If their number is drawn they get special prizes for holding onto the ribbons. Other activities planned for Lincoln High School students include door decorating contests, a step contest, and even extra credit opportunities.

Amber Sloan, a student at Lincoln High School, said, "It gets the students involved. I mean, who doesn't want the extra credit? Then the students start to think about what they're actually doing and that makes them think about the actions they take and the decisions they make."

Students and teachers agree good decision making is key to staying drug free.

Kathy Tyree, a teacher at Lincoln High School, said, "I think it's important for adults to always model good behavior and decision making, so not just in elementary school and middle school, but to continue it through high school and college."

Administrators hope the week of education will last a lifetime, leading students to a brighter future. More than half of all teens have used alcohol or drugs by the time they reach eighth grade.