Lowndes County Gets Proactive About Pollution

By Ben Wolf
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

“Only rain down the storm drain” is a phrase you may have heard over the years.

Lowndes County residents are about to hear the phrase even more often with the launch of the Pollutant Discharge Elimination Initiative.

"I just think it's an issue we all should be informed of," said Lowndes County resident Linda Ellenberg.

"Being told all your life that pollution is bad, it definitely couldn't hurt to tell people not to do it," added Lowndes County resident Tommy Venuti.

To county officials, it's all about being proactive.

"We have very little problems with storm water runoff at this time, but we can if the residents of Lowndes County and the city of Valdosta aren't conscious about what goes down our drain," said County Engineer Mike Fletcher.

County officials are sending storm water pollution prevention pamphlets to residents in the mail. They are also placing small signs near storm drains. In addition to informing residents on steps to avoid storm water pollution near their homes, the pamphlets inform residents about avoiding bad habits when on the move.

"Plastics, aluminum cans that are thrown out of your car window. Litter that goes into county road ditches that could all eventually make it to our rivers and streams," Fletcher added.

With the useful information, county representatives hope local streams continue to flourish or even improve. Lowndes County officials plan to send speakers to local elementary schools to talk about the dangers of storm water pollution.