Georgia Gas Prices Falling

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Roxanna Haynes
October 24, 2006

Drivers like Frank Johnson, who will drive up to 500 miles a day, say this gasoline tax break will be a huge benefit for all Georgia motorists.

Frank Johnson said, "I'm glad to see it's going down. It makes a difference with everybody. It makes it easier for everybody to live too."

Beginning in December the state's gasoline tax will dip by 2.7 cents a gallon. Local drivers feel the drop is coming just in time.

April Shaw, a local driver, said, "It'll just really help, especially with the holidays coming up."

The state's Department of Transportation says the price of gas has dropped 80 cents per gallon since July, but not everyone believes these lower prices are here to stay.

Charles Calhoun, a local driver, said, "I think the first of the year you're going to see it change back up again. You ever see anything go down?"

For now it seems we will be seeing these prices decline.

"Very excited I can drive more. We're actually on a trip right now," added April Shaw.

We found prices as low as $2.01 in Valdosta. The average price for gasoline in Georgia is $2.08 a gallon. For a 20 gallon tank, which is your typical SUV or larger car, one can expect to save about 54 cents per fill-up.