Florida's Gubernatorial Debate Won't Include Linn

Late Tuesday afternoon, a judge ruled Reform Party Candidate Max Linn does not have a right to take the stage with Democrat Jim Davis and Republican Charlie Crist.

A court had already ruled in Linn’s favor once, but debate organizers appealed, saying he doesn't have the minimum required support in the polls. Late Tuesday afternoon, the Fourth District Court of Appeals agreed.

Prior to the ruling, both major parties tried to downplay concerns about adding a third candidate.

“That’s for the lawyers to figure out, like I said, but we’re looking forward to tonight’s debate and I think it will be good for Florida voters to see some real differences,” said Jeff Sadosky of the Republican Party of Florida.

Luis Navarro of the Florida Democratic Party said Tuesday, “Well, I think regardless of whether or not he participates, I think voters are going to understand that if they really want to bring about a change, they’re going to have to cast their vote for somebody who has a real opportunity to win and to make change in Tallahassee, and that’s going to be Jim Davis.”

Linn is a maverick millionaire whose campaign for governor centers on concerns about illegal immigrants and the F-CAT.

The debate, minus Linn, begins Tuesday night at 8PM on public radio and television.