New Owner, New Problems

A football stadium is now in the hands of local school officials.

However, along with the advantages of owning the stadium also comes the burden of fixing it up.

A sign posted at Dorsett Stadium in Taylor County asks spectators to stay in the stands. But that could be difficult for visiting football fans.

Last week the Taylor County High School Football Team took on North Florida Christian in the stadium, but portions of the bleachers were blocked off.

Students say that really caused problems two weeks ago against Madison County.

Cassidy Stephens, a 9th Grader at Taylor County High School says of the problem, "There weren’t even enough seats for the Madison game. A lot of Madison fans came over and sat on our side since there was barely any room on the visitor's side. I think that they should really fix that up."

The city of Perry is turning ownership of the five decades old Dorsett Stadium over to the Taylor County School Board.

Repairing the area of bleachers deemed unsafe is a top priority.

Superintendent of Taylor County Schools, Oscar M. Howard says, "We're going to work on the life safety issues to start with. Cosmetics will come later. We have a crew of inmates, and we're lucky to have them, furnished by the Department of Corrections here locally. They are working on that 40 hours a week."

Residents say the old bathrooms under the bleachers need work as well. "The only one that is really nice is the one by the concession stands," says Stephens.

Some improvements have already been made to Dorsett Stadium. The concession stand and the ticket booth have both been recently painted.

Residents want repairs done soon so visitors can sit comfortably while the home crowd is on its feet cheering the Bulldogs to victory.

The school board will officially take over ownership January 1st.