Tallahassee Police Manhunt

Helicopters and dogs descended on a west side Tallahassee trailer park Wednesday afternoon looking for three men and a shotgun. It happened on Nashville Drive around lunchtime.

Tallahassee police say a man who was shot in May of this year was confronted again, this time by three men with a shotgun who say they came back to finish what their friend started.

Police wound up chasing an orange SUV and caught two of the men. The third managed to get away.

"It's a trailer park area that's densely populated," said Tallahassee Police Officer David McCranie, "and it backs up to a wooded area and he quickly disappeared into the wooded area."

Witness Latonya Maddox said, "That truck right there had came up the one way, circled around here, then came back and stopped there. He jumped out and ran behind all these houses."

Other witnesses say this is linked to a May 29 shooting in which Tony McGeehee, also known as "T-5", shot the same man. McGeehee was later caught in St. Petersburg.

There’s no word yet on the identities of the men arrested.