Title One Gets Great Reviews

By Ben Wolf
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The subject is Title One funding geared to get low income students up to par with their studies. The question is: is it working? Valdosta school officials answer with a big yes.

"We look at the CRCT exams and of course previous standardized exams and we can kind of measure progress that children have made on those exams pretty much, and we have increased every year," said Assistant Superintendent Joann Mabry.

This elementary school principal says the funding provides quality instruction.

"It has enabled us to have a ratio of a lot smaller teacher to pupil ratio with the title funds because of the number of teachers we've been able to hire," said elementary school Principal John L. Davis.

Teachers are excited about the specialized reading programs this program provides for students.

"They have confusions and we clear up those confusions to get them to the average of the class and when they are at the average of the class they are released back into the classroom," said reading teacher Tina Nunn.

"When they come back they know they can read, whereas when I sent them out to the reading recovery teacher most of these students had no confidence," added first grade teacher Debbie Silvin.

School officials say it’s hard to see any drawbacks when children succeed right before their eyes.

Currently eight schools utilize Title One funding in Valdosta. Six schools in the Lowndes County school system also take advantage of the funding.