Students Are Getting a Second Chance

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Students can be expelled for chronic misbehavior or a more serious offense such as carrying a weapon onto campus.

Alicia Young learned the hard way after getting expelled last year.

"I got in trouble because I allowed this boy to put a weapon in my purse, and he went and told and I got in trouble for it. I just started crying because it really wasn't my fault. I wasn't thinking on the day it happened," said Alisha Young, working on her degree.

When students like Young are expelled they still aren't getting a free pass out of school. Those in the Leon County district are sent to Tallahassee's Alternative Learning Center.

"The whole idea of the school is to make sure there is a school option for the kids who were excluded from other schools in the district," said Tom Dunn, Alternative Learning Center Principal.

Those students will walk the stage in cap and gown and receive a diploma from the accredited school. Young sees ALC as second chance.

"A second chance. Alternative Learning Center isn't a bad school, it's a good school. Not everyone out here is a criminal." said Young.

The Leon County School Board also wants to help students before they get in serious trouble.

"The Expulsion Review Committee that reviews cases that may warrant or may call for leniency we look at all angles of the case," said Dr. Ruth Hobbs, Executive Director of Intervention Services.

Hobbs said ALC is a great way to get kids on track, getting them back into regular classrooms more quickly.