Medical Minute: Dialysis at Home

Teaching fourth grade and tutoring at home is a full-time job for Chris Dowling, but that along with spending 12 hours in the hospital each week was a job she hadn't bargained for.

Chris Dowling said, "I would get home and I was exhausted, and I would just have something for dinner and go to bed."

Chris has kidney failure and relies on cleaning out her blood through dialysis. But now Chris is getting her life back thanks to a device and a little help from her dialysis partner.

Six days a week, this mom of one her students helps her do dialysis at home.

Chris Dowling said, "That's when you know you are blessed. I mean, it is incredible when somebody offers their time to make your life better."

Nxstage is the first at-home dialysis system that's portable, so patients can take it anywhere.

Dr. Michael Kraus says it's also better because cleaning out toxins daily improves their health.

Michael Kraus, MD Nephrologist, said, "Without a doubt this is the most exciting change that I have seen, and to see these patients get better do better, live normal lives, changes your life."

It's changing Chris's life too even though she's only been on it for a few weeks.

Chris said, "You feel just so much better, and when you are done with dialysis, you are ready to do other things."

Like putting energy into teaching, and until she can get a transplant this is an after-school activity Chris will gladly do.

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