FCI Guards Face Jury

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Two Tallahassee prison guards at the center of a sex for favors scandal left federal court calm and collected Monday evening.

It was the first day of a long awaited trial for Gregory Dixon and Alan Moore.

The men are among five guards accused of bribery, witness tampering and having sex with female inmates.

Monday, four months after the arrests of the guards, a jury was seated. The first witness was a Bureau of Prison employee who answered questions about how the prison operates, what items inmates are allowed to have with them and how the inmates are supervised.

They are all questions the prosecution hopes will get some answers as to whether the two men participated in the scandal, a scandal that ended in gunfire with the deaths of two men, a federal agent and a prison guard.

Testimony is expected to continue Tuesday. The U.S. Marshal’s Office says it may go to the jury by the middle of next week.