Campaign 2006: Three-Way Showdown Between Florida's Gubernatorial Candidates

Republican Charlie Crist, Democrat Jim Davis and Reform Party candidate Max Linn were on the same stage at the same time for the first and only time before next Tuesday's election.

Insurance reform, crime, gay marriage and the FCAT were among the issues, with tax reform helping to depict the sharp divides among the three would-be governors of Florida.

"I'm going to cut property taxes by one billion dollars next year in a very simple way," said Davis. "There have been 20 billion in tax giveaways in the last eight years. I'm going to take back five percent and persuade the Legislature to stand up for what is the largest tax increase in the history of the state."

"Let's understand what my opponent just said. He wants to raise your taxes," Crist responded. "He talked about 20 billion in tax cuts. He's said in this campaign that he wants to put them all on the table."

"You cannot lower taxes unless you slow down or stop the growth of government," Linn said." Anything else is just shifting taxes from one area to another."

The moderator asked the three candidates to grade Gov. Jeb Bush's eight years. Crist gives the administration an "A", Linn a "B" and Davis a "C."