Lowndes County Hog Show

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Roxanna Haynes
October 31, 2006

It's not your average homework assignment, but these students have been raising their very own hogs since August. Now it's time to show them off to buyers at the Lowndes Area Market Hog Show.

One of the qualities judges look for in a good hog is meat marketability.

Amber Garrett, a Lowndes High School student, said, "You work with them, you bathe them, try to build up their muscles and have an overall market pig."

Courtney Curlin, another Lowndes High School student, said, "It's kind of hard you go to think about it constantly because if you mess something up and give it to your customers it’s not good because nobody's going to want to buy a pig whose meat’s not good."

In case any of these hogs catch your eye, there will be an auction following the show Wednesday at 7 p.m.