New Funds to Fight Problems on Roadways

By Ben Wolf
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Valdosta police got $15,000 to combat speeding and drunk driving, and they say it comes in the nick of time.

"We have a lot more drinking and driving on the road due to Christmas parties, Halloween parties," said SGT Earl Durrance.

The money is going toward improved technology such as a better version of a breathalyzer that can test liquid if a driver is drinking out of a plastic cup or a tint meter that can test the light going through a window to see if it is at an illegal level.

While it's nowhere near New York or Los Angeles, residents in Valdosta say drivers are continually getting worse and worse.

"The way some of these people drive, some of them might have gotten their licenses from Wal-Mart, K-Mart, wherever, but it don't come from the state," said Lowndes County resident Jeraldine Houston.

"It's getting worse every day. I'm surprised of Valdosta getting like this," said south Georgia driver Bobby Frier.

Half the grant will go to Valdosta PD, the other half to 41 other agencies in 12 surrounding counties.

If you are going to speed or drink and drive, these guys are gunning for you. In addition to better equipment, police officials say drivers should expect beefed up traffic patrols over the next few months. This includes more DUI checkpoints.