Free Equipment in Grady County

By Kate Gaier
6:00 pm, October 31, 2006

The Grady County Sheriff's Office is showing off some new wheels, and at no cost to the taxpayers. Sheriff Harry Young is all smiles.

"Well, it's something we desperately needed," said Young.

The new ride is all thanks to a program funded by the federal government that takes used military equipment and gives it to law enforcement agencies.

Sheriff Young said, "We investigate it, find out what kind of condition it's in, something we can use, and we're very fortunate to get two, a new truck and a nice van, SUV, at no cost to the county."

The truck may not be brand new, but it's new to the Sheriff's Department and it's equipment they say is greatly needed.

CAPT Tim Gainous with the Grady County Sheriff's Office added, "Most of these items are requested for the war on drugs. This program's primary focus is support for local law enforcement for the war on drugs, so that's where a lot of the equipment is going to be used."

New vehicles aren't the only thing the Sheriff's Office brought back from Egland Air Force Base. Handheld radios will be used for patrol and two defibrillators will be donated to the volunteer fire department. The only thing the Sheriff's Office had to pay for was the gas to go pick up the items.

Another part of this program allows law enforcement agencies to purchase equipment at the same price the federal government pays.