Bus Boycott Audit Clears Committee

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The Tallahassee Bus Boycott Committee says a financial review it commissioned clears the committee of any financial wrongdoing.

Bus Boycott Committee Member Cynthia Williams is looking over a newly released audit, paid for by the group, which shows the committee's finances are in line and no clerical errors were found.

Last month, she says members of the Tallahassee Southern Christian Leadership Conference said the opposite, accusing the committee of mismanaging funds.

"One person made the statement that an account needs to be frozen, [while] someone else said they didn't know anything about how the money was spent, even though they were at a meeting," she said.

"To have someone tell me that I'm mismanaging money when I'm taking my own money to keep this project going is really hard to swallow," she added.

Revered Joseph Wright, who went on camera in September saying funds should be frozen, is not commenting now.

Wright is the same person appointed to monitor the local chapter of the SCLC after it was suspended.

The national organization says the suspension had nothing to do with mismanaging money, but rather a chapter election and the president operating without authorization from the board of directors.

"The organization stands for so much, with Martin Luther King being the founder and I often wonder what he would say in a situation like that. He probably wouldn't go public. He’d just sit down at a table with those raising the complaints and decide on who's going to resolve it," said Tallahassee Resident Anita Davis.

A spokesperson for the SCLC says the suspension of the chapter and the accusations about the bus boycott funds are unrelated. It just so happens they both came up around the same time.

Reverend Wright expects the local SCLC chapter to be fully operational by December.