New Brain Cancer Treatment

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Eight months ago doctors diagnosed Darrow Hutto with brain cancer. His wife, Shirley Hutto says, "My husband was diagnosed on February 25 with an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer."

They've been married 45 and she stood by him through chemotherapy and radiation, but nothing seemed to promise a longer life. Then they heard of a new procedure.

Dr. Steve Johnson says, "It's within a couple of years of being approved by the FDA, but it's only very recently gone out to the community level."

Doctors say in most cases, not all the tumor can be removed surgically, so they began looking for a way to kill what is left behind.

Neurosurgeon Craig Fredericks says, "The remainder of the tumor, we're trying to treat with this new treatment, Gleocite, which is to fill the cavity that's left with a balloon and in that balloon we put in some material that radiates the brain for a period of time."

This allows doctors to put a large dose of radiation where they cannot normally get to, giving patients more centralized treatment. Doctors say this procedure can prolong a patent's life by 12 to 14 months, precious time for these patients and their families as they cling to the hope for new life-saving procedures.