A Tour Full of Scare

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By Trenton Davis
10:00 p.m.

A tour of unknown secrets lies within familiar territory. A walk on Park Avenue led to the death place of Captain Lee Reid who was killed in a duel.

A turn onto Monroe Street turned into more chilling stories for curious spectators with stories about suicides in prominent buildings such as C.L. Mizell who killed himself in the basement of the AmSouth Bank, which once was known as the Exchange Bank. It is said his presence still lurks in the halls, leaving computer messages and checking accounting.

Then there was the hanging at the Westcott Building that dead ends on College Ave. A walk up Duval brought forth the story of Rebecca who is said to cause quite a scare at the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

The dead are even said to rise from the Oakland Cemetery and visitors should be leery of the tombs facing westward because they may run into a witch.

The unknown, throughout the known parts of the city created a Halloween fright night for those who dared to explore.

Countless ghost stories in Tallahassee buildings haunt the minds of residents like the Knott photos and "Ulcer Alley" in the Old Capitol, which is said to be graced by former Gov. John Milton.