Reclassifying Alligators as Game Animals?

Don’t go grabbing those gator gigs just yet. It will be years before anything happens and it may not happen at all.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman says those ideas came from a public survey on a state website and are not the official position of the commission.

"So we’ve had these suggestions from the public," said Henry Cabbage. "There are no firm proposals up for consideration right now. It’s gonna be a report to the commissioners in December saying 'We asked and this is what the people said. What would you like us to do?'"

Under the current system, homeowners who spot a nuisance gator have to call the state and wait for a trapper hired by the Wildlife Commission to remove the reptile.

Florida’s alligator population is now estimated at more than one million and there have been three fatal gator attacks in the state this year.