FBI Stats on Police Officer Deaths

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Officer Maurice Holmes has been a police officer for 12 years. In that time he's seen a lot of officers pay the ultimate price.

Officer Holmes said, "I lost two very good officers. In both, speed was involved, both officers were at fault."

Numbers from the FBI show nationally in 2005, 67 law enforcement officers were killed in accidents causing the highest number of deaths, claiming 39 of those lives. Police officers say more cops are injured or lose their lives during routine traffic pursuits and traffic stops, than in the line of duty.

While driving, many officers say they're dealing with the scanner, cell phones, sirens, and simply getting to a call rather getting their safely.

Thomasville Police OFC Waylon Parker said, "You're trying to think of tactics when you get on scene, the safest way to get to the scene, and a lot of times that will play a role in officer involved fatalities."

Other numbers from the FBI concerning officers injured from weapons. Twenty nine percent were attacked with their own weapons, 13 percent were attacked with knives, nine percent with firearms, and almost 25 percent were attacked with other dangerous weapons, and for seven years in a row the largest percentage of assault happens between midnight and two in the morning.

The FBI also shows data by region, showing 28 felonious deaths occurred in the south, 10 in the west, and five in the northeast.