Gov. Perdue Makes a Stop in Thomasville

By Kate Gaier
4:15 pm, November 1, 2006

It's a warm welcome for Gov. Sonny Perdue as he makes a stop in Thomasville while touring southwest Georgia.

"I'm asking for your vote to give us four more years because we think we have some stuff undone," commented Perdue.

But some residents are not willing to give Perdue another four years, and come election day say they will choose another candidate.

John Harrison says he's not voting for Perdue.

"I just feel like Taylor would be the right man to correct some of those things."

Gov, Perdue discussed his agenda if reelected including hot topics like education and the war on drugs, and Perdue didn't hold back when it came to Democratic nominee Mark Taylor.

"The mud slinging is coming from one direction. You've got a desperate candidate running for governor, Mark Taylor, who has no vision no goals for Georgia. The only thing he's done is character assassination."

Mark Taylor could not be reached for comment, but the Thomas County Democratic Party chairman did offer this statement.

"Since the current governor has taken office there has been a movement to make government more of a closed entity. This is not what the citizens of Georgia need."

Early voting is underway and a week from now residents of the Peach State should know who their next governor will be.

Gov. Perdue also made stops in Bainbridge and Moultrie while touring southwest Georgia.