Children Get State ID Cards

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Florida Licensing on Wheels, also known as FLOW, is where Bob Prather's daughter got a state identification card.

"This is when they are away from us, that it's just an extra layer of security that we know they have on them in case something happens they can get in touch with us, just as quick as they can," said Bob Prather, a parent.

Now children five years or older can get the card.

"Now law enforcement has information on your child, should they become lost, or something happens to them. Their picture, their vital statistics and their emergency contact information is readily available to the fingertips of law enforcement," said Julie Baker, DMV's Public Information Director.

Children are asked a few questions, a snapshot is taken, and within moments the ID is printed.

"Anything that will keep your kid safer is all good for the state of Florida, just one extra thing we can do to make sure children are safe when they're away from us, that's the way we need to do it," said Prather.

Parents can also log online and put their child's emergency contact information right into the system, making it immediately available to all Florida law enforcement.

"It's at the touch of our fingertips, with the computer we are able to get the information quickly with a name," said Donnie Pitts, Florida Highway Patrol Corporal.

The IDs cost three dollars and parents must bring two forms of identification such as a certified birth certificate and Social Security card to the DMV office.

Officials said this ID card is different from other child identification kits because the information is stored on a statewide database making it readily available in the event of an emergency.