Hometown Hero Grant Deadline Nears

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It’s a program designed to help hometown heroes pay property taxes and rent while they're overseas fighting on the front lines, but time is running out to take advantage of it.

Military personnel can apply for the grant on the Leon County website from now until December 1.

The grant covers property tax or rent for local men and women serving in the military.

Leon County is the first local government to offer this kind of financial assistance.

"They don't have to worry while they're defending our freedoms and they're actively serving in the military where they don't have to worry about their families back at home and how they're going to make ends meet. This is financial assistance to help them with their property taxes and to make their rent."

Another way Leon County is honoring hometown heroes is by putting on a Veterans Day parade. It'll be held next Friday at 11 a.m.

The county is still looking for participants and volunteers. To help, call (850) 606-1940.