Inmates Take Stand in FCI Trial

Testimony in the federal trial of two Tallahassee prison guards paints a disturbing picture of life behind bars at FCI.

Women testifying about threesomes in the guard station, paid lookouts, and the sex for contraband trade, they say, are simply "understood."

A former inmate agreed to talk with us, as long as we did not reveal her identity.

Earlier this week, she took the stand and told the court how Gregory Dixon came into her room late at night and summoned her to the office. "When I walked in the office, he asked me to give him oral sex. I stood there in disbelief and he asked me again, better yet, he told me from the beginning to give him oral sex. I did what he told me due to the fact that in Marianna an officer approached me and I wrote it up and I got thrown in the hole."

Gregory Dixon and Alan Moore are on trial for conspiracy, bribery and witness tampering. Two of their colleagues, Alfred Barnes and Vincent Johnson, have already pleaded guilty.

A third, Ralph Hill, was shot and killed when he opened fire on the federal agents who had come to arrest him.

Wednesday, former inmate Sabrina Bowie took the stand and told the court, "It's understood. The more sex you had," she said, "the more things you got."

Another former inmate Valerie Mills said she never had sex with any of the guards, but Alfred Barnes brought her liquor for serving as a lookout.

Latoya Brown, who is still serving time for murder, said she had sex with Ralph Hill twice a week for six months and even arranged a threesome for his birthday.

As the former inmate boarded a plane, headed back to her new life, she applauded the women who had the strength to stand up to the threat of solitary confinement and sudden transfers for telling the truth. "I would say to all the ladies, come forward, and stand tall. I know it isn't easy for me to sit here and tell you that, but at the same time, there is help out here for you."

Testimony is expected to last the rest of the week and possibly into next week.