National Month of the Military Family

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Roxanna Haynes
November 11, 2006

The Fernalds are not your ordinary family; the Air Force has taken them all across the world.

Isabel Fernal, military spouse, said, "We went to the far east. We've been to Europe, all over the United States. It's a neat way of life. It's a great place to raise your children."

They gathered together with hundreds of others who belong to military families.

Les Martain, a military dad, added, "For me it's great because when I come home after a hard day’s work I got somebody there that's normally got a smiley face."

But these families do agree they go through some tough times.

Randy Fernald, military dad, said, "We're pretty busy in the military. That's the biggest challenge. Sometimes you can't always be where you want to be all the time."

Martain added, "The hours that the military keep then with deployments a very challenging time for families more so than military members."

Many families like the Fernalds say it's the difficult times that bring them closer.

Fernald said, "We have a military family which at times is a lot closer and helpful because out families may be far away."

No matter which base they're at next they'll always be a part of a military family. This even also focused on preparing holiday baskets for homebound or disabled veterans in the Valdosta area.