Local Church Honors Veterans

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Folks show support for those who fought for the freedom of the United States as they celebrate Veteran's and Military Day. One of those soldiers being honored: Vietnam Veteran Jerome Colson who served in the Marine Corps for 27 years. He says, "God's parishioners get together to say thank you for the job well done. It's really touching." Touching was the moment when all war veterans and their loved ones were invited to sit before a grateful audience. Gary Jean-Charles is currently serving our country as a specialist in the National Guard. He reflects on a tragic loss in his life. "I did have a close friend of mine who passed away. We were trumpet buddies. He was my mentor." The ceremony also featured a special tribute to Lance Corporal Daniel Chaires, a Tallahassee soldier who recently lost his life in war. World War II Veteran Carl Newland is close to the Chaires family. "It is heart breaking and I just think we should show them all of the sympathy that we possibly can, because he's one of ours." One hero among many being remembered this Veteran's Day. This is the first Veteran's and Military Day celebrated at Capital City Church. Organizers say they'll continue to offer the special tribute in future years.