Tallahassee Fighting Hunger Problem

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Dozens of local businesses set up shop along the banks of Lake Ella for the Ninth Annual "Feed the Community" Festival.

"I think local businesses should support local communities, and it's a community building and it's really, really important," said Stephanie Brandt, a participating local business.

It’s an important cause to help the growing problem of hunger in our area as folks handed over bags of canned goods, knowing every single donation counts.

"I just think it's important to feed the hungry and support local events and help out any way we can, and bringing food is an easy way to do that," said Amy Driskell, a participant.

Organizers said the more help they get from the community the better it will be for those in need.

"Locally Tallahassee approached us understanding the need of issues of hunger in Tallahassee, and we wanted to do an event and get the whole community together to come out and get food, and it's an excellent way to do it, have people donate canned goods," said Talia Thornton of Second Harvest Bank.

Second Harvest Bank said they want to fill an entire truck by the end of the day, hoping to bring two tons of food to the people in need.

Besides canned goods, residents donated cash to Second Harvest. Food bank officials said for every dollar they receive, six meals will be passed out to those who are less fortunate.